Sara Mola’s Bio

In her 17 years on this earth, Sarah Mola has been devoted to advocating for the things in which she believes. From organizing mental health awareness events, to working with the youth advisory counsel at UCSD (to educate and advocate for access to healthier food in low income communities), Sarah has always taken a stand, in accordance with her principles. But climate change and science have also been big passions of hers. She continues to work with H200 SEAL and her own organization, which is the Women of Color STEAM Collective, to work on educating marginalized young people about climate change and sustainability. After getting a degree, she hopes to pursue veterinary medicine and infectious diseases; thereafter, Sarah hopes to further pursue her lifelong dream of becoming President of the United States.

“It is our job, not as citizens of the United States, not as humans, but as dwellers on this earth to protect, not destroy our home for all the creatures that live on it. We must not leave out those who we feel can’t offer anything, but lift them up with us.” – Sara Mola

Rise For Climate March San Diego | Sarah Mola